TOP Cooking Classes in Adelaide

Kylie Flemming from Adelaide Matters popped in to see the Sticky Rice Cooking School and wanted to know what was causing all the buzz around town. Having recorded a 3000 word interview with owner Claire ( who is somewhat passionate about the school!) it all boiled down to a cooking school that has been designed to marry top quality chefs with passionate cooks who want to up-skill and enjoy a quality food and wine experience in a place that is inspiring in itself. Coming from a background of uninspiring plain Scottish food owner Claire discovered the joys of Asian food and then years later found an immense pleasure in  sharing that knowledge with people from all walks of life. Not content that her customers should learn from Chefs who knew less than her about the subject,  Claire sourced the top experts in Asian and Middle Eastern Cuisine , insisted on a hands-on cooking experience  for all and launched the stunning purpose build cooking school in Stirling to provide year round access to this knowledge.  From a personal journey has come a cooking school which is listed as a Top 3 hot spot for 2009 in SA and rightly so thinks Kylie and customers alike.

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