Christine Manfield Master Classes a Hit!

Christine Manfield’s Master Classes were a huge hit with customers and staff alike and the 3 day marathon in May 2010 was an exhilarating, adrenaline filled gastronomic delight.

Christine was a true professional with her clear communication, her precision for detail and her superb organisational skills. Her calm, gentle andĀ  kind manner was to be admired and applauded and all who worked with her during the classes were truly inspired.

None have been more inspired than volunteer Chef Samantha Neale who also assisted David Thompson during his visit to Sticky Rice Cooking School. Following on from her dedicated hard work and professional attitude Christine Manfield offered Sammie a job at Universal Restaurant in Sydney. Sammie had taken leave without pay from her Adelaide restaurant Job in order that she could take part in the masterclasses with Christine. Her dedication was rewarded tenfold when the goldenĀ  job opportunity was offered and we wish Sammie all the very best for her new life in Sydney.

After Class Owner Claire Fuller persuaded Christine to leave her mark on the cooking school as David Thompson had done before her. She cheekily drew a love heart around David’s message before adding her own special message to the Cooking School.