Sticky Rice Cooking School – Electrolux Back to Basic Cooking Masterclass

Electrolux Australia and the Sticky Rice Cooking School at Stirling, in the Adelaide Hills, hosted an exclusive ‘Back to Basics’ Masterclass on Wednesday. It was an incredibly enjoyable day, and interactive cooking class which showcased state of the art Electrolux appliances – like the multifunction steam oven – with some of the best chefs in Australia. Electrolux Ambassadors, Massimo Mele from Sydney’s famous Salt Meets Cheese joined us, as did Stewart Wesson, esteemed Adelaide chef behind Whistle & Flute, and the newly established Port Admiral Hotel. Sharing their insights, and nifty cooking tips, they helped us utilise the Electrolux cookware for a fabulous feast with recipes designed specifically for these appliances.

We started with a dip platter of freshly made deep fried focaccia bread, accompanied by an insanely delicious smashed zucchini dip. This starter, beyond a question of a doubt, will make any dinner party you host an absolute smash hit. Separated into teams of four, we all took turn concocting some fragrant and delicious meals with local produce. The Masterclass featured Thai style Crispy Eggplant, my personal favourite of the day, Mamma Mia’s Pickled Carrots, Steam John Dory with pippies, chorizo, olives and parsley, and of course followed by a dessert of Ernie’s Chocolate Soufflé Cake which was served with peppered strawberries and homemade honeycomb. The class was both informative and fun, enough so that we will be wanting to recreate the recipes at home.

The Sticky Rice Cooking School, which traditionally focuses on Asian cuisines, was the perfect venue for the Masterclass. The serene ambience makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a five-star Balinese resort, but with the benefit of exquisite South Australian produce – so there’s no chance of catching Bali Belly here. The cooking school is open daily, and has released its cooking school class schedule through to 2018. Gift a loved one with a memorable Sticky Rice cooking class this Christmas, it’s sure to go down a treat!

Words by Erin Gear

WHERE: 96 Old Mount Barker Rd, Stirling

Getting Back to Basics with Electrolux at Sticky Rice Cooking School

Sticky Rice Cooking School – 96 Old Mount Barker Road, Stirling SA 5152

Situated in the charming Stirling in the Adelaide Hills, Sticky Rice Cooking School is an award-winning venue specialising in Asian inspired cooking classes such as Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese, and even dabbling in Spanish and Moroccan.

Described by owner Claire Fuller as ‘delivering a wealth of knowledge and fun along the way’, the classes offered at Sticky Rice Cooking School are truly unique and full of character – something that is oddly hard to find at all cooking schools. The whole experience at Sticky Rice Cooking School is educational and inspiring, and it is obvious that real thought, passion and knowledge has been put into crafting each and every moment.

Mamma Maria’s pickled carrots (left) and Thai style crispy eggplant (right)
Photo: Josh Geelen

Each four-hour class concludes with a full banquet style meal in the dedicated dining area of all the dishes students have cooked throughout the class. The dishes are also thoughtfully matched with local Adelaide Hills wines for students to enjoy. Another one of the reasons that Sticky Rice Cooking School is such a thorough and quality experience is due to the use of superior cookware appliances in their classes. The Sticky Rice kitchens are fully fit out with Electrolux appliances, who are global leaders in cooking appliances not only for home, but for professional use too.

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was recently invited to Sticky Rice Cooking School for the ultimate Back to Basics Cooking Masterclass with Electrolux Ambassadors Massimo Mele from Salt Meats Cheese and Stewart Wesson from Whistle & Flute. All food and drinks were provided on behalf of Sticky Rice Cooking School and Electrolux.

The Back to Basics Cooking Masterclass with Massimo and Stewart consisted of many tips and tricks, specifically focusing on six flavour packed recipes perfect for entertaining this Summer. Our group of keen cooks was divided into smaller groups, each focusing on one or two recipes in order to prepare everything for a sit down lunch.

Amongst the mix were recipes created especially for Electrolux by Massimo and Stewart, including Mamma Maria’s pickled carrots, Thai style crispy eggplant, steamed John Dory with pippies, chorizo, olives and parsley and a chocolate soufflé cake with chocolate coated honeycomb.

Chilli paste we made for the Thai style crispy eggplant salad
Photo: Josh Geelen
The group that I (Taylor) was in were in charge of preparing the Thai style crispy eggplant served with bean sprouts, sesame seeds and copious amounts of fresh coriander. After being lightly coated in a corn and rice flour batter, we deep fried the strips of eggplant until golden in colour and perfectly crunchy. Just before serving, we tossed the eggplant in a home made chilli paste that burst with flavours of garlic, lime and ginger which added a real kick to the dish.
Alongside the eggplant dish we enjoyed Massimo’s recipe for Mamma Maria’s pickled carrots – a refreshing accompaniment to the spicy salad. I found the carrot pickle to be a particularly interesting dish, as the carrots were perfectly steamed before being marinated in a pickling liquid of white vinegar, garlic, oregano and olive oil. To serve, the pickled carrots were topped with tangy goats curd and chopped fresh parsley. This dish was a perfect example of a back to basics recipe that was packed full of flavour, colour and texture, and could easily be achieved with ingredients commonly found in the kitchen at home.
John Dory being barbecued
Photo: Josh Geelen
Steamed John Dory with pippes, chorizo, olives and parsley (right)
Photo: Josh Geelen
The main dish of the day was steamed John Dory with pippies, chorizo, olives and parsley, which was a real crowd pleaser around the table. The flavour combination of this dish was impossible to fault – smokey chorizo, salty green olives and fresh herbaceous parsley all encompassed in a rich, buttery sauce.
The John Dory was cooked in two stages. Firstly, the whole fish was quickly barbecued to introduce a charred flavour (pictured above), before being steamed with all other components of the dish in an Electrolux steam oven. There are many benefits of using a steam oven, as the function enables the original moisture to be retained in food while cooking and helps things to cook more evenly. This is also particularly useful when cooking seafood like whole John Dory, as whole fish can easily dry out or overcook in a conventional oven. The John Dory we enjoyed at lunch was exceptionally well cooked, and had a fresh, clean flavour. I will definitely be trying to re-create this dish at home!
Ernie chocolate soufflé cake with chocolate coated honeycomb
Photo: Josh Geelen
We finished our lunch on a sweet note with another recipe using the Electrolux steam oven – Stewart’s Ernie chocolate soufflé cake with chocolate coated honeycomb. The extra moisture in the steam oven creates the perfect environment for a soufflé cake to bake – resulting in a moist but light cake that was rich in chocolate flavour. Everyone needs a go-to chocolate cake recipe that is simple and fail-proof, but impressive for any occasion at the same time – and this chocolate soufflé cake definitely ticks those boxes!
The Sticky Rice Cooking School dining room
Photo: Josh Geelen
After a fun few hours of cooking Massimo and Stewart’s back to basics recipes that highlighted some of the great benefits of the Electrolux appliances, it was fantastic to sit down and enjoy all of the dishes we created as a group. The large, light filled dining room is definitely one of the aspects that sets Sticky Rice Cooking School apart from other schools in Adelaide. Sticky Rice Cooking School still have some classes available before the end of the year, but are always adding to their exciting schedule – make sure you check out their website to see what’s new! To discover more fantastic recipes from Electrolux Ambassadors, check out their directory here.

Sticky Rice Cooking School

Sticky Rice Cooking School

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Sticky Rice Cooking School
96 Old Mount Barker Rd. Stirling SA 5152
08 8339 1314
Classes 7 days

Sticky Rice Cooking School is an award-winning school offering hands on cooking experience of cuisines from all around the world lead by some of Australia’s finest chefs. The cultural experience delivers a wealth of knowledge and fun along the way.

The kitchen is custom designed with the latest cooking facilities while the school itself is furnished with unique furniture in honour of the different countries and cultures of which the dishes originated from.

Electrolux ambassadors Massimo Mele of Sydney’s Salt Meats Cheese and Adelaide’s own Stewart Wesson of The Flinders Street Project, Whistle and Flute and the soon to be revamped Port Admiral Hotel, hosted the cooking class with some handpicked back to basics recipes, providing hints and tips to take home.

Sticky Rice Cooking School

Steamed john dory with pippies, chorizo, olives and parsley.

After an afternoon of learning and cooking, the class attendees dined on the delicious food and enjoyed some of South Australia’s finest wine where Miss L was able to have exclusive interview access with renowned Adelaide chef Stewart Wesson where he looked at the South Australian food scene and how it was evolving.

Where do you see the South Australian food scene and how has it evolved?
The South Australian food scene is flourishing. Adelaide, as a city is so accessible and it makes it easy for people to want to have a go at opening new food venues.

What sets South Australia apart from Melbourne which is known as the food capital of Australia and Sydney which is fast catching up?
It is the quality of ingredients and the proximity of those ingredients. It is only a twenty minute drive to the hills where you can get amazing produce and wines. Further to this, you have the Barossa and an hour in the opposite direction you are by the beach in the McLaren Vale.

What does South Australia have that other states don’t?
South Australia has the food community down better than other states. We have such great producers, winemakers and chefs who are all willing to go above and beyond to help each other out. This makes for a really nice tight knit community which he really loves.

What do you foresee as the next big food trend?
Stewart isn’t really keen on food trends as they come and go too easy. He believes in good quality food and alcohol. Do that right, and the people will come.

What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to start their own food venture?
The key for Stewart was partnering with the right people, for him each partnership is so important, everyone should have their role.

What is it about your new venture at the Port Admiral Hotel that will set it apart from other pubs?
The quality of food is what will set The Port Admiral Hotel apart from other great pubs. He says there are some great pubs around, however, their key advantage is being close to the water so all their seafood will be freshly caught. There will be no frozen fish and no imported produce.

Sticky Rice Cooking School

Ernie chocolate souffle cake with marscarpone, macerated strawberries and honeycomb.

Upon finishing the day, Stewart was happy to share his Ernie chocolate souffle cake recipe, one of his favourite desserts with My Name is Miss L readers here.

Sticky Rice Cooking School holds classes all year round with several cuisines to choose from. They also offer overnight accommodation with 3 different villas and various activities in the area, including 50 cellar doors in the Adelaide Hills wine region.

Miss L

Sticky Rice Cooking School – Electrolux “Back to Basics” Masterclass

Set in leafy surrounds on the fringe of Stirling in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, Sticky Rice Cooking School has long been running hands-on cooking classes teaching their visitors how to create restaurant quality dishes. Thanks to the generosity of Electrolux, we were able to experience some of this as we got to take part in a ‘back to basics’ masterclass with Electrolux Ambassador’s Massimo Mele (Catering by Massimo, Salt Meats Cheese) and Stewart Wesson (Flinders Street Project, Whistle & Flute, Port Admiral Hotel).

Zucchini dip with freshly made focacciaZucchini dip with freshly made focacciaNow I don’t know about you, but taking control of a bunch of people of unknown and varying skill levels, who have never spent time in a kitchen together – let alone an entirely foreign kitchen – may seem like a recipe for disaster. Personally I feel pretty handy in this realm, but even so, the idea of preparing food for so many people, under the watchful gaze of two of Australia’s most accomplished chefs, this certainly ups the stakes a bit. However we were in very sure hands so my fears were completely unfounded. Even better than this – the end results were truly outstanding.

Perusing what was to come....Perusing what was to come….After the initial greetings and introductions to the chefs, with some delicious nibbles and a glass of wine to break the ice (and calm any nerves), we headed into the kitchen where we were broken into teams to begin the prep. I found myself on ‘team carrot’, tasked with putting together ‘Mumma Maria’s Pickled Carrots’. A seemingly simple recipe that sits in the pantry of Massimo’s family home at all times, we hoped to do this justice. Looking at those down the prep table dealing with whole John Dory, or working on the ingredients for the crispy thai eggplant, we definitely felt like we had the easier of the tasks.


This didn’t remain the case though, as we got through our prep and then stepped into assisting in other areas. It just flowed – there was no real standing around and watching, as there were always different things to be assisting with. The staff at Sticky Rice helped keep the kitchen in a good state of order and tidiness, while Massimo and Stewart were guiding us around the tasks like a well-trained border collie herding their flock of sheep. Ok, so that may seem a little out-of-place, but I was at a country show on the weekend, so you will have to forgive me.


Getting back to basics with cooking definitely did not mean sacrificing flavour or quality. There were still big and bold flavours on show here – just the techniques being employed were not going to be daunting for anyone that can tell the pointy end of a knife from the bit you should be holding. Stewart and Massimo are patient and skilled tutors, and fantastic ambassadors for Electrolux to have in their ranks. The recipes they brought with them to the table were approachable and easily repeatable in a home setting – although I have to say I would love to be investing in a new Electrolux steam oven. A bit big to just sneak out with me….and I think they might notice it missing….


What this all highlighted was something that I try and adopt myself – take some quality ingredients, treat them with respect, and the results can be spectacular. Even something as simple as pickled carrots, which with all due respect is never going to be a headline act, is absolutely delicious. Paired with the right foods, and this simple accompaniment lifts a dinner to even greater heights. The crispy Thai eggplant, full of flavours that we are well familiar with in our own home cooking, was absolutely brilliant and will be adopted into our repertoire immediately. Preparing and cooking whole fish, an idea I have always kept my distance from, suddenly becomes something I will be absolutely doing at home (although with a vegetarian wife, maybe not that often). Fresh honeycomb I have thought about making before but never got to doing, however this box has already been ticked.

Testing the fishTesting the fishEven beyond this though, what I enjoyed most about the afternoon, was immersing in the universal truth that dining really does bring people together. We all got involved in different aspects of the dishes, stepping in and helping out where required. Sure, these were not our recipes, but this was our food that we created. Over a couple of glasses of wine, looking up and down the tables, there was a palpable sense of pride at the dishes that we had prepared. This was great food we had helped make, and now we were enjoying the fruits of our collective labour. Strangers a few short hours before, we were now connected by the simple and daily act of constructing and consuming a meal.

Mammas pickled carrots (left) and the crispy thai eggplant (right)Mammas pickled carrots (left) and the crispy thai eggplant (right)Leaving a little while later, it was definitely a bittersweet thing. It was a fantastic experience we had all taken part in, and we felt very lucky to have been part of it. However there was also disappointment it was over. We had walked into the relative unknown with some trepidation, yet come out with smiling faces, fully belly’s and a reinvigorated sense of culinary adventure. And this, valued readers, is the real gift that we received from Sticky Rice, Electrolux, Stewart, Massimo – and each other.

John Dory with chorizo, olives, wine and herbsJohn Dory with chorizo, olives, wine and herbsSticky Rice Cooking School and Villas is located at 96 Old Mount Barker Road, Stirling. You can read all about their upcoming classes, and details on their accommodation, on their website.

Electrolux have a large range of home appliances, which you can see the details of here.

The all important dessert - chocolate soufflé cake with fresh honeycomb, mascarpone and macerated strawberries. The all important dessert – chocolate soufflé cake with fresh honeycomb, mascarpone and macerated strawberries.

10 Luxury Accomodation Escapes SA


10 South Australia luxury escapes and boutique experiences

  1. Kingsford Homestead, Gawler

    A remarkable Georgian-style manor built in 1856 by one of South Australia’s early settlers.
    It was built in stone thought to have travelled with the pioneer from Edinburgh and is today one of South Australia’s most remarkable stays.
    Full of original features, such as the Gothic-style cedar staircase and with a history linked to some of South Australia’s most prominent families, for seven years the Gawler beauty on the edge of the Barossa was exclusively used as Drover’s Run, the central location for the hugely successful TV series, McLeod’s Daughters.
    In 2009, it was purchased by the Ahrens family, who carefully restored it to a multi-award-winning five star retreat, now renowned for sumptuous dinners created from the best local produce by The Kingsford Kitchen, vivid sunsets accompanied by drinks and canapés, and elegant country hospitality.
    Hosting no more than 14 guests across seven tastefully decorated and unique suites, it’s a sublime spot from which to explore the glorious Barossa wine country.


    Kingsford Homestead

  2. The Louise, Barossa

    It’s no mean feat to be a destination unto yourself when situated in the stunning Barossa. But that’s exactly what The Louise has achieved. Partnered with onsite restaurant, the acclaimed Appellation, The Louise is a stay of extraordinary luxury, culinary excellence and more.

    The experience starts on arrival with the first sight of the impressive architectural exterior and continues with the attentive, friendly welcome and calm interiors.

    Suites are generous, relaxed and luxurious, and the hotel affords private vineyard views.  And then there’s a host of activities for guests, including The Ultimate Legend of Seppeltsfield Tour which includes privileged access and tastings and Breakfast with the Kangaroos, a dawn picnic in a nearby conservation park. There are cooking classes, exclusive tastings and market tours.

    The Louise will also organise balloon flights, in-suite massages, romantic touches such as champagne and flowers, helicopter or limousine transfers and endless permutations of regional tours, tastings and opportunities to meet local winemakers.


    The Louise

  3. Ikara Safari Camp, Wilpena Pound

    The highest point in the ancient Flinders Ranges, and arguably its most spectacular, the natural amphitheatre of Wilpena Pound is a majestic, evocative location that’s unique in the Australian outback. To stay a while is to appreciate its magnificent presence and Ikara Safari Camp is the box seat. While much of the region’s accommodation is on the rim of the national park, Ikara Safari Camp lies within it.

    This award-winning operation is glamping the way it should be: 15 high quality spacious and powered safari tents are fronted by their own private verandahs, an inviting spot to enjoy a South Australian wine while watching the afternoon light play on the surrounding bush and rock formations.  Inside, the accommodation is plush, with king size beds, beautiful furnishings, ensuite bathrooms, luxury amenities, ceiling fans, mini-bar, and air-conditioning.

    There’s a communal tent where hot breakfast is served each morning and which contains a plush lounging area for socialising with other guests. And as part of the Wilpena Pound Resort, there’s access to a restaurant, café and swimming pool.


    Ikara Safari Camp

  4. Sticky Rice Cooking School and Villas, Adelaide Hills

    Claire Fuller’s hugely successful cooking school at Stirling in the Adelaide Hills is testimony to how pursuing your passion can lead to something great.

    Fuller set out to create a school that was lively, inspiring, fun and fulfilling in an environment with soul.

    Her 1940s building full of antiques and personal touches sets the scene for learning to cook food that comes with stories.

    A roster of incredible chefs lead students through the history and significance of ingredients and the eating customs of the cuisines created, from countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Nepal.

    So when guests finally get to dine on their dishes, there’s real connection.

    That sense of connection and Fuller’s magic touch extends into the Sticky Rice Villas, which began garnering awards virtually as soon as they opened in 2013.

    The three luxurious B&B villas, inspired by exclusive holiday offerings in Bali, Japan and Thailand, have a sense of clean calm with elegant accents that, like the dishes created in the kitchen, conjure a sense of the exotic.


    Sticky Rice Cooking School and Villas


  5. Snellings View, Kangaroo Island

    Floating above one of Kangaroo Island’s prettiest beaches, Snellings View is perfection in beach house chic, from the natural materials and tones used throughout, to the effortless functionality it affords via thoughtfully laid out and spacious rooms, luxury bedding and Miele appliances.

    The exemplary quality of the accommodation is the result of two friends who set out to create the very best holiday home for their own large families.

    To that end, there are two wings to the property that can either be used for one big group, or two separate bookings.

    High on their list of necessary functions were plenty of natural light, spots for individuals to get away from the group, and of course, roomy areas for congregating and socialising.

    The view, sea breezes, access to the beach and places to laze the day away were top of the inventory.

    The result is indeed, the perfect beach house (or two) in an unspoiled and spectacular location.


    Snellings View

  6. Anlaby Station, Hamilton

    The oldest merino stud in Australia with a history closely aligned with regional settlement and chronicled by famous author Geoffrey Dutton who grew up there, gracious Anlaby lay in decline for decades.

    Then two Sydneysiders fell in love with it and painstakingly restored the homestead and its gardens and outhouses, using old historic photos and other records to be as faithful as possible to its original magnificence.

    Close to both the Barossa and Clare Valley, Anlaby is a popular wedding venue, and visitors can stay in the manor house, once the manager and accounts office of the station, now converted into self contained bed and breakfast accommodation with three bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and downstairs sitting room.

    There are also regular tours through the historically listed gardens and home that include lunch or morning/afternoon tea and very occasionally, the Quadrangle Series – events that combine classical music, superb cuisine and a happy gathering in the gardens.


    Anlaby Station

  7. Robe Lifestyle

    It really is possible for a region to have something for everybody. The Limestone Coast proves it.

    Find extraordinary food and wine, jaw dropping coastal vistas and cerulean waters melding with creamy beaches, fun festivals, a massive array of activities and for the dinosaur nut in the family, amazing fossil sites, lava caves and even volcanic craters.

    Within all that is the picture-perfect coastal resort and fishing village of Robe, full of historic buildings, boutique and artisan shopping, gourmet eating and drinking  with seafood a highlight and a seascape backdrop that’s show stopping any time of the year.

    Robe Lifestyle Properties is a booking portal for a range of superior self-contained beachfront and hinterland accommodation in the area. Robe Lifestyle Properties works in a way that “matches people to properties”. So visitors provide Robe Lifestyle Properties with their holiday criteria and they find just the right place, whether the emphasis is on gourmet kitchen, bedroom with a view to wake up to, luxurious bathroom, romance, family holiday or budget.


    Robe Lifestyle

  8. Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island

    There are few properties in the Southern Hemisphere as legendary as Southern Ocean Lodge. The king of all luxury lodges in Australia, visitors travel from all around the world to ensconce in its very particular brand of luxury.

    Its award-winning design seems to hover on top of a private, dramatic cliff top, oriented to maximise views of the wild Southern Ocean and unique Kangaroo Island landscape.

    The dining experience rivals the views for wow factor, with the famously skilled kitchen producing gastronomic brilliance from the finest of Kangaroo Island’s remarkable bounty of artisan crops, dairy, meat, seafood, honey, eggs and home cooked ingredients.

    The daily changing menu is a love letter to Kangaroo Island and South Australia’s diversity of produce, accompanied by wonderful South Australian wines.

    The icing, and candles, and sparklers on this very beautiful cake are the world class spa, sublime lodgings and a dedicated staff ready with a suite of scintillating Kangaroo Island itineraries tailored to the interested of guests.


    Southern Ocean Lodge

  9. Arkaba Station, Wild Bush Luxury, Flinders Ranges

    Wild Bush Luxury is a collection of outstanding properties in unique places offering out-of-the-ordinary interactions with the natural environment, mindful of conservation principles coupled with gorgeous accommodation and gourmet dining.

    Wild Bush Luxury’s Arkaba Station embraces the jagged magnificence of the Flinders Ranges, affording guests intimacy with the secret unspoiled corners and peerless vastness as well as a stunning oasis of comfort in which to rest and relax.

    Each of the five bedrooms in the historic homestead has its own ensuite bathroom and opens onto a verandah with views of the surrounding ranges. Unique decor with a decidedly Australian rustic twist surrounds the best quality mattresses, manchester and fittings.

    Wild Bush Luxury also offers the life-changing Arkaba Walk, a four-day expedition on foot across the property exploring the undulations and awe-inspiring dioramas of the Flinders Ranges, camping under the stars in permanent campsites with amenities.


    Arkaba Station

  10. Thorngrove Manor Hotel, Adelaide Hills

    It’s hard to believe Thorngrove Manor was built in the mid-1980s.

    Maybe that’s because many a detail of its flamboyant folly-style design is sourced from old European, English and South Australian properties, with a nod to its surroundings in the Adelaide Hills, where Europeans settled and created slices of life back home.

    Handpicked and fervently sought grand staircases, stained glass windows, hand quarried stone and Gothic furniture create an idiosyncratic haven of fantasy.

    Folly-like it may look, but every piece of award-winning Thorngrove Manor Hotel works, with modern amenities in abundance ensuring a supremely comfortable stay.

    Its arts and crafts meets Bavarian castle uniqueness makes Thorngrove Manor Hotel popular with bridal parties, but lovers of one-of-a-kind inns come to relish its magnificence. There are five guestrooms over four floors, plus a guests-only restaurant cooking with organic produce and herbs, fruits and vegetables grown in the property’s gardens – all served on hallmarked antique silver with fine Irish linen.

    The property is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels group.


    Thorngrove Manor Hotel

12 New Menus for the rest of 2015

Dear Food Lovers,

Our Chefs have been very inspired this season and have come up with 12 great new classes to to add to the calendar from July 2015 onwards.  Here are the new ones showing their first release date.

Enjoy and we hope to see you soon.

Class name: Exotic Vegetarian Cuisine
Class price: $145
Class date: 29/08/15
Class description: The Indian or South Asian continent from Pakistan through to Sri Lanka and all points between is Nirvana for vegetarians with an amazing diversity of cooking styles. The fact that most of this regions population eat a predominantly vegetarian diet has ensured a wealth of delicious vegetable and non meat based dishes. Oothapam, these are large crumpet like rice and lentil pancakes topped with onion, tomato, coriander and green chili and served with Thengai Chutney made from grated fresh coconut.Dal Dhuaan a smoked mung bean dal from the central Holy city of Varanassi.Masale Bhaat a delicious aromatic vegetable and nut pilaf. Bhatti Paneer a spicy grilled cheese dish. Kerala Parotta the flakiest Paratha bread ever. Alleppey Style Mixed Vegetable Curry which is a far cry from the stodgy overcooked potato and lentil based vegetable stews that are usually served up. Chef Mark McNamara
Class name: .2015 Japanese Banquet
Class price: $145
Class date: 02/08/15
Class description: Japanese tasting plate (Marinated Atlantic Salmon sashimi. Natural oysters served with ponzu sauce and chilli radish. Grilled Japanese Hokkaido scallop served with sweet miso paste. Fish Escabeche.) Braised Pork belly with plum wine sauce. Kari kari yaki Chicken. (Twice cooked tenderised chicken. Marinated and pan-fried until crispy. Braised in sake and served with ginger soy sesame dressing.) Octopus and avocado salad served with citrus dressing. Agedashi Dofu (deepfried tofu with potato starch served with Tempura sauce, white radish and ginger with chilli powder). Chef Yukiko Anschutz- ex Chef from Shiki restaurant.
Class name: . Thai Winners
Class price: $145
Class date: 16/10/15
Class description: Ma ho -Pineapple with Caramelised pork, dark palm sugar and peanuts. The popular authentic starter. Kingfish Carpaccio- thinly sliced king fish served with green chilli, lime and coconut/basil dressing. (this may be changed to salmon depends on the availability of the fish on the day). Crispy Tamarind chicken- marinated chicken with aromatic spice paste and tamarind water- cooked until crispy and golden. Pepper garlic pork- marinated pork fillet pan fried with sweet soy, oyster sauce and pepper with garlic chips. Som Tum- Spicy green papaya salad with King prawns. Chef Yukiko Anschutz
Class name: Mexican Feast
Class price: $145
Class date: 05/09/15
Class description: A brand new cuisine for 2015 from our popular chef Brian Smith.This will be an exciting cooking journey. Pulled pork Sopecitos (little sopes) (Masa dough pasties topped with Shredded slow cooked pork shoulder, Black beans, salsa, grated ricotta). Snapper Vera Cruz. ( Snapper cooked in tomato caper and pickled Jalapeno Sauce From Veracruz on the pacific side of the Isthmus). Beer batter coated Stuffed chillis (Filled with Chorizo and goats cheese served with Avocado crema). Chicken with rich red Mole. ( Chicken thigh simmered in a rich spicy sauce thickened with sesame seeds and almonds from Oaxaca). Puffy tacos. (Handmade Masa tortillas fried to puffy crunchiness).
Class name: .2015 Thai Feast For Friends
Class price: $145
Class date: 22/08/15
Class description: A wonderful array of modern Thai cuisine with Guest Chef Kelly Lord from the Multi Award Winning Restaurant Spirit House in Queensland. Crispy wontons. filled w pork, prawns & coriander served w homemade sweet chilli sauce. Waterfall salad of beef. seared wagyu beef rump tossed w coriander, mint & kaffir lime finish w chilli lime dressing. Steamed prawns. king prawns steamed w ginger, shallots & dressed w soy, Chinese cooking wine & sesame. Handmade Curry paste. Southern Style chicken curry. slow cooked chicken in a fragrant coconut, turmeric curry sauce finished w tamarind.
Class name: .2015 Taste of Thailand
Class price: $145
Class date: 21/08/15
Class description: Prawn dumplings. poached prawn & coriander dumplings in a fragrant coconut, lemongrass & galangal broth. Duck salad. slow cooked duck w citrus caramel & star anise dressing. Chu chee curry paste. Chu chee curry of pan seared snapper finished with a aromatic chu chee curry w kaffir lime. Stir fried chicken. wok seared chicken finished w a spiced black bean ginger & black pepper sauce Spirit House Guest Chef Kelly Lord
Class name: 2015 Essential Spanish
Class price: $145
Class date: 16/08/15
Class description: Baked whiting in white wine, Jamon and parsley crust served on fried olive oil bread and with Mojo Verde (Perfect for little entrée or tapas) Twice cooked Patatas with spicy Bravas sauce. ( Crispy Spanish Potatoes with Paprika spiced Tomato Sauce) Warm salad of Cider grilled chorizo, Olive Oil savoury biscuits and smoked paprika and hazelnut dressing. Spiced chicken escabeche with Peas, Jamon, caramelised onions and Manchego (Chicken thigh browned then kept in a marinade of Olive Oil, sherry vinegar, honey, spices, green olives and parsley). Spanish Prawn & saffron fritters ( Tortillas de Camarones) with Sofrito and baked Calasparra rice (Arroz al Horno) Chef Gwen Le Chendadec
Class name: 2015 Travelling Chef
Class price: $145
Class date: 10/07/15
Class description: Dishes from all around SE Asia give this class an edge. Seared Scallops on green curry sauce (Thailand. This is a rich green Palace style curry sauce) BBQ Hanoi Chicken With herb salad (Vietnam-Marinated and grilled and served with the ubiquitous array of Vietnamese herbs) Braised then grilled beef ribs with pineapple Jaew (Laos-Slow cooked in aromatic stock then grilled to caramelize served with a Jaew with a twist) Coconut and Shallot rice. Kang Kong stir fried with roasted chilli jam and coconut cream (Cambodia) (Sweet spicy rich and satisfying) Tapioca with palm sugar caramel (Modern working of Southeast Asian flavors) Chef Brian Smith
Class name: 2015 Indian Banquet
Class price: $145
Class date: 01/08/15
Class description: Kathi roll with grilled chicken Handmade roti cooked with egg then wrapped around grilled chicken and Kachumber salad Pasanda of lamb Strips of tender lamb loin marinated with garam masala in an aromatic cardamom and yoghurt sauce Murgh Masalam (Punjabi Dahba Chicken curry) A Northern Indian “Dahba “roadside cafe version of this curry Aloo methi Potatoes cooked with green chilli whole cumin seed, Spinach and Fenugreek leaf Tarka dal Toor dal cooked with curry leaves cumin and tomato then smoked with charcoal and ghee Lemon rice Basmati rice cooked with Turmeric lemon and mustard seed and roasted Dals Chef Brian Smith
Class name: . Spanish Tapas 2
Class price: $145
Class date: 18/07/15
Class description: Crispy Pork Belly with caramelised apples and cider. (A dish from the North Asturias- Morcilla chicharrones.) Grilled Quail caramelised onions, orange, manzanilla sherry and quince alioli. Air Dried Tuna (Mojama ) with roasted red capsicum, caper berries and rainbow chard ( a lovely starter or light lunch using the unusual Spanish ingredient Mojama). Traditional paella with chorizo, chicken, prawns and mussels served with saffron alioli. Walnut cake with brandy syrup another lovely traditional cake from the north of Spain. Chef Alice Nettleton
Class name: 2015 Taste of Morocco
Class price: $145
Class date: 04/07/15
Class description: Briouats of Goat cheese dipped in Amlou (They are little triangle of Filo pastry stuffed with soft goat cheese, mint and poached figs. Amlou is a dip made of roasted almond, Argan oil and honey). Chermoula Chicken Tagine with lemon and olives served with Mograbiah (Giant Couscous), preserved lemon, pistachio, currants and a pomegranate molasses dressing. B’steeya of snapper with almond and aromatic rice.(a small round pie made of Brick pastry). Aubergine and lamb cakes served on top of light and fluffy couscous. (Sweetened with honey and spiced with cumin, turmeric, and cinnamon.) Chef Gwen Le Chenadec
Class name: Spice Trail 3
Class price: $145
Class date: 11/07/15
Class description: This class celebrates food from seven distinct cultures tied by a common history. Peixinhos da Horta/ Ingen Tempura – Batter Fried Green Beans from Portugal and Japan. Char Sui Pau – Roast Pork Bun from Malacca. Balacoa –Prawn Pickle from Goa/Sri Lanka/Macau. Costelas de Porco Piri Piri – Grilled Pork Ribs from Portugal/Mozambique/Angola. and El Diablo – Devil Chicken Curry from Malacca. Arroz e feijão –Rice and Beans from Brazil. Seeni Sambola –Onion and Tamarind Sambal from Sri Lanka. Pastel de Nata /Daan Taat – Custard Tarts from Portugal/Macau. Chef Mark McNamara

South Australia Combines Food, Wine and Adventure

Destination & Tourism | James Ruggia | May 20, 2015

South Australia Combines Food, Wine and Adventure

To outsiders, South Australia is probably most famous for the nature and wildlife experiences that are enshrined at Kangaroo Island, but among Australians that state is probably more famous for its various wine regions, artisanal food producers and the restaurants of Adelaide. The state’s food and wine heritage is rooted in its history as a refuge for German immigrants in the 19th century. The wine regions, easily accessed from Adelaide, give visitors more than just a gourmet romp, but also an experience of beautiful scenery and cultural heritage.

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia and one of the New York Times Top 52 places to go in 2015, is a city of a million people surrounded by parks and packed with museums, cafes and restaurants. The Central Market, the largest covered market in the Southern Hemisphere, is an emblem of how seriously food and wine are taken there. And it should be; more than 60 percent of the wine that Australia exports comes from the state.

The South Australia Tourism Commission created the Epicurean Way, a self-drive journey that encompasses the state’s four wine regions: the Barossa Valley, the Clare Valley, the Adelaide Hills and the McLaren Vale. The drive goes from regional farming to coastal seafood harvests with hands-on cooking classes and immersive wine and craft beer tastings along the way. Travelers on the Epicurean Way can make their own wine blend at Penfolds or d’Arenberg; cycle from vineyard to vineyard along the “Riesling Trail” in Clare Valley or take cooking classes such as the Sticky Rice Cooking School in Adelaide Hills.

Sticky Rice shows guests how to create restaurant-quality dishes in Asian, Spanish and Moroccan cuisine. Sticky Rice has three villas, where visitors can extend their stay one or more nights. There are more than 50 cellar doors in the Adelaide Hills. Also in the Adelaide Hills, Udder Delights Cheese Maker, Sheree Sullivan, has been teaching home cheese making classes since 2007. Her Easy Cheesy Home Cheese Making Class teaches students two different styles of cheese making. The class includes an extensive cheese tasting, coffee, light lunch and wine.

The Food Luddite is run by Chef Mark McNamara in the Barossa Valley. The classes focus on where food comes from, how it grows and simple ways to prepare it. Conducted in small groups, classes are available year round at the Kitchen Studio, a bright creative space designed to make cooking and learning enjoyable.

Casa Carboni, in the Barossa, teaches a blend of Italian and South Australian flavors. The Carboni family, who moved from Parma, offers a cooking school for intimate groups to learn to make pasta and other Italian fare in a class using Barossa Farmers Market’s seasonal produce.  Jacob’s Creek Cooking Classes are held in the outdoor kitchen at the historic Jacob’s Estate Cottages in the Barossa. The four-hour experience is led by Executive Chef, Genevieve Harris.

If you’re worried about all of that drinking and driving, you can hire a service such as Vineyard Safaris, which tours the vineyards in a limousine with Master of Wine Tim Wildman leading the way from one cellar door to the next. The tours depart from Adelaide and are offered from November to April and accommodate up to four people.

While food and wine are a focus in South Australia there’s also plenty in the way of soft

adventure activities such as hiking, diving and mountain biking. You can even swim with sharks on the Eyre Peninsula or catch a sea-lion colony on Kangaroo Island.

Adventure Bay Charters’ Shark Warrior ship uses a six-seat Aqua Sub to offer a new way to view great white sharks in their natural habitat without the need to be fitted in wetsuits and oxygen equipment. The boat operates out of Port Lincoln and takes travelers to the shark-infested waters of Neptune Islands, two and a half hours off the coast of the Eyre Peninsula, where the pod is lowered into the ocean and passengers can climb down into the glass-enclosed viewing area that provides 360-degree underwater views, almost like a reverse aquarium. The Shark Warrior departs from Port Lincoln, with both “Aqua Sub” passengers and traditional shark cage divers on board.

South Australia is also home to Coober Pedy, the world’s opal mining capital. Willie Hutchison stumbled on the first opal near Coober Pedy around a century ago. Shortly after, the miners began pouring in. The town is about 500 miles north of Adelaide. Avoid it during the Australian summer when it gets well over 100°.

Adelaide will open a 32-story 250-room Sofitel hotel in 2018, and it will be the first internationally branded five-star hotel opening in the capital in nearly 30 years. In the past year, The Mayfair, The Watson, and the Ibis have also opened.

For something much smaller, the Art Series Hotel Group opened The Watson in September, a boutique hotel and residences that celebrate the creative genius of the hotel’s name-sake indigenous Australian artist, Tommy Watson. The 140-suite hotel offers art tours and features original artwork by Watson in each suite and throughout the hotel. The hotel is located in Walkerville, an Adelaide suburb about a 10 minute drive from the down town.