Master Class with Jolley’s Chef- Tony Carroll

A really sensational experience for the keen cook awaits. Saturday August 13th 2011

A chance to learn from this celebrated Chef is presented in the form of an exclusive master Class with Executive Chef Tony Carroll from Jolleys Boathouse restaurant. This class gives you the chance to apprentice under the watchful eye of an award winning Chef as you learn and master an abundance of technical skills and produce appreciation which is needed to prepare this menu of signature dishes from the Jolley’s Boathouse Restaurant. This is a hands-on extended Asian master class which will develop and advance your culinary skills and knowledge of seasonal produce such as oysters varieties, abalone, quail, t-smoking techniques and restaurant presentation. There are no short cuts in this class as you prepare a challenging 5 course dinner alongside your chef for your invited guests who will be dining with you from 6pm onwards. A premium winemaker will be with you through dinner to help you appreciate the matching wines with each course. Cooking is limited to 14 people. Allow from 2pm for participants and please invite a dinner guest to join you at 6pm.

The menu- Pacific, Angassi and Kumomoto Oysters-Tea Smoked w Chilli Jam, Steamed w Soy Spring Onion and Ginger and Natural w Pickled Cucumber and Wasabi; Stir Fried Abalone w Japanese Plum Wine, Enoki and Basil;Tea Smoked Quail w Seared Scallops and Sichuan Eggplant; Caramelised Pork Belly, Green Mango and Chilli Salad w Red Chilli Nam Jim. Dessert TBA.

AND Winemaker Nick Martins D’Arenburg wines will join you at dinner to explain the matching wines with each course!  Limited seats available- Book via this link

More about Tony Carroll written by Ann Oliver

British born Tony Carroll started his cooking career in Scotland, firstly at Gleneagles Hotel and completed his apprenticeship at the highly acclaimed Cairn Lodge Restaurant.

Like many passionate and ambitious young British chefs he sought and won a position in the Michelin starred restaurant The Oak Room in Piccadilly, London and added a polish to his already excellent resume. Wide travel is evident in Carroll’s cuisine as he has a depth of understanding of many cuisines that cannot be gained from book cooking. Carroll, however, did his travelling in some style on the luxury cruise ship the Queen Elizabeth II were he worked in their signature restaurant The Queens Grill. During stop off in Australia, he fell in love with the climate and lifestyle and secured a position at Bennelong at the Sydney Opera House.

After a stint with the Inter-Continental and then Hyatt International as well as being involved with the opening team of Park Hyatt Sydney and Park Hyatt Melbourne in 2001 he opened his first restaurant at Werribee Mansion in Melbourne scoring 16/20 and one Chefs Hat in the Melbourne Age Good Food Guide in their first year of operation.

Since taking on the dual role of chef and owner at Jolleys Boathouse Restaurant, Carroll has bought to the restaurant a standard of excellence not achieved in it’s many years of operation. His efforts have been rewarded with a coveted one star rating in the Australian Gourmet Traveller annual awards.

Carroll’s cooking is the sum of his culinary journey, deeply steeped in his travel experience and embellished with a passion for staying within the seasons and cutting ‘food miles’ to a matter of minutes or hours as he sources the best of local seasonal ingredients. Carroll’s cooking is good looking but never to the detriment of taste and we particularly appreciate his understanding of simplicity and perfection when three perfect ingredients can combine in heavenly harmony.

We really like Carroll’s food!

Ann Oliver Food Editor,