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” I’ve just got off the phone from Simon Bryant and his masterclass menu on 26th Nov is going to be crazy! Its a Cheong Leiw inspired menu of Gulf SA prawns in XO sauce, Snake beans in Szechwan with Garlic Oil, Green Tea Scallops w Celery Leaf and water chestnuts, Stuffed Beggars Chicken with lotus root, lotus nut and bamboo, (wrapped and baked in lotus leaf and salt dough), Beansprout, chilli, dakon and carrot pickle and dessert of Peanut and lotus sweet rice with red date, angelica and goji. I’m booked in!” Nov 26th

For more info on what Beggars Chicken is… here is the story

A starving beggar in China during the Qing dynasty is said to have stolen a chicken and was hotly pursued by its owner. In his haste he buried the chicken in mud near a riverbank to hide it. Later that night he returned and retrieved the chicken, its feathers covered in mud. He started a fire of twigs and branches to cook the chicken. But not having any utensils he placed the entire chicken directly into the fire. A tight clay crust formed as the fowl cooked, and when the crust was cracked open the feathers came right off the chicken exposing juicy tender meat and emitting an incredible aroma. The roasted chicken was so delicious he decided to start selling his creation to the villagers. Unbeknownst to him he had just invented one of the greatest culinary traditions of China. more….