David Thompson Sticky Interview on TV tonight

Last weekend marked the date of our marathon run of master classes with legendary Thai Food Expert and Michelin Starred Chef David Thompson and what an exhilarating, demanding and rewarding experience it turned out to be! Seen below with owner Claire Fuller and Sticky Rice Teaching Chef Brian Smith, David Thompson was reported to be an inspiration to work with over the 3 days.

David Thompson (right) at Sticky Rice with owner Claire Fuller and assisting Chef Brian Smith (left)

“You have always been at the top of the list for me in terms of what you represent for Thai food and I couldn’t have put you on my wish list for the first year of my business achievements because I am a realist and thought that this would be dream material rather than practical goal setting.”’ Wrote Claire in a letter of Thanks to David after the classes.
“In addition to your cuisine expertise I was more than touched by your generosity of time and spirit which you so graciously donated despite your long and tiring tour demands. I see and learn from you that gracious good manners and kindness are a fundamental quality that goes a long way to sustaining oneself in business and as a leader you applied this freely which made for a much more rewarding environment for the team of hard working and often stressed and tired people around you.”

Claire says ”David’s humanity shone through. For me his wit and humour and delightful eloquence will be a hard act to follow, and I even shed a little tear when he left!”
David’s classes involved 12hour long days by the staff at Sticky Rice Cooking school who were assisted by numerous Adelaide Chefs who were chosen because of their passion for Thai cuisine. Some of the activities along with an exclusive interview with David Thompson and the other Chefs were captured on camera by A Current Affair who tonight ( Thursday 19th Nov) will air their report on Channel 9 at 6.30pm. Check out ACA website for more details.