Corporate Cooking Classes in Adelaide

The Sticky Rice Cooking School has successfully marketed their interactive hands on cooking classes to corporate clients for team building and social private classes.

SA Tourism’s Corporate Services team were visitors to the school last October and thoroughly enjoyed a team build day cooking up some delicious Malaysian recipes with Chef Ali Seedsman… event organiser and Manager of the team Andrew Wroniak says

“We found Sticky Rice Cooking School on the SA Tourism Commission’s website We booked it by calling over the phone which was very easy.”

“The food was exceptional and each team member had to help out others in some of the more complicated sections which was the point of a team building exercise.”

“I would like come back again” “we had a great time and the day exceeded many of the staff’s expectations”

Adlab Design and Advertising “had a real ball” at their social get together in Jan 09 when they headed up the hill after work for an evening of Sushi making with Shiki restaurant chef Yukiko Anschutz.

“There wasn’t anyone who was there that didn’t have a great time says organiser of the event Kate Evans” and the quality of the food that came out of that class was overwhelmingly impressive says owner Claire Fuller.

Guests were welcomed in the doors at 5.30pm and offered drinks and nibbles consisting of some freshly cooked crispy Tempura prawns with wasabi and soy dipping sauce and stacked bamboo steamers containing delicious little wonton parcels of pork and shitake mushrooms were temptingly set down before the guests.

While these delicacies were consumed alongside some chilled Adelaide Hills wines, Yukiko started the class by explaining the essential Japanese ingredients and unique seasonings which were handed around to taste smell and touch.

All class members got down to some sushi making mastering a variety of impressive Sushi techniques including California Roll, King Prawn Nigiri sushi, Inside out Roll with Tobiko and Bean Curd Pocket Sushi.

Next on the menu was Chicken Yakitori(Skewers of Glazed Chicken with Teriyaki sauce), and a Japanese broth of ginger and mushrooms. The sit down meal was served with complimentary wine and rounded off by a Tantalising Sake Pannacotta served with Apricot Compote.

A Sticky Rice Cooking Class can be booked to suit your choice of cusine and dates and times can be negotiated. Call the office on 8339 1314 to enquire about private and corporate rates.