Alice Nettleton

In Wiltshire, England, Alice grew up on a diet of fresh home produce, wholesome home cooking and robust meals with a foodie family and friends.

Alice started her cooking career in Switzerland, before travelling for an extensive time around Spain, discovering the secrets of its very regionally diverse cuisine.

In 2007 her love of Spanish food continued when she was taken on as a Chef at the celebrated north London restaurant, Moro. There she concentrated her efforts to specialise in Persian, Turkish, Moroccan and Spanish cuisine.

Alice relocated to Sydney in 2010 and worked as pastry chef at the popular Bondi Beach restaurant Sean’s Panorama before settling in Adelaide in 2011 to teach at the Sticky Rice Cooking School and further develop her own catering business, Quince Catering.

With a real passion for teaching and an emphasis on top quality, seasonal and regional produce Alice’s classes and menus are a compliment to Sticky Rice Cooking School.