6 Ingredients in your pantry that will save you up to $100 per day.

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6 Ingredients in your pantry that will save you up to $100 per day.

Are you coming to the realisation that takeaway food might become a bigger part of your life in the next few months?

Pad Thai Results from Sticky Rice Cooking School Online Class #1 Free to view

Like many things at the moment the enjoyment of eating out in restaurants is not currently within reach and at the same time takeaway seems to be the new ‘IT’ word.

But many of us are worried that money is tight and our budgets for luxury items has been severely reduced, so what do we do?

The good news is, that if you are a fan of Thai Takeaway, and it is likely to become a more than once a week treat, you may already have 6 key items in your pantry that could save you up to $100 per night.

An average Thai Takeaway will cost a family of 4 at least $100- that’s a couple of starters to share and 3 main meals with rice. And that’s assuming the family agrees to share! Multiple that by 6 months and that’s a lot of money.

But what if we demystify those favourite dishes that you are ordering…I’m going to guess at a few as an example.

  • Pad Thai
  • Green Curry
  • Dumplings
  • Cashew Chicken
  • Basil Chicken
  • Laarb
  • Satays
Green Curry Results from Sticky Rice Cooking School online classes. Free view.

Green Curry Results from Sticky Rice Cooking School online classes. Free to view.

Here is the list of 6 key sauce ingredients used in each of those dishes and why you should have them in your pantry.

  1. Fish Sauce
  2. Soy Sauce
  3. Oyster Sauce
  4. Palm Sugar
  5. Chilli Jam ( or chilli paste in soy bean oil)
  6. Rice Wine vinegar

In varying degrees of quantity and combination (and that is the key by the way) the seasoning flavours of Thai dishes are derived from 4 main tastes. Spicy, Salty, Sweet, Sour.

Each taste plays a crucial part in the overall flavour which we experience.

Our ability to sense these categories comes from receptors on our taste buds. These tiny sensory organs appear mostly on the tongue, the roof of the mouth and in the back of the throat.

But the key to finding a mouthful of food flavoursome and delicious, is the balancing of these taste categories. A dish might be overall a sweeter dish such as Cashew Chicken, or sour and fresh like Laarb, but the saltiness and chilli also has to be there to balance it out and highlight the complexity of flavour. It’s like tasting in 3D not 2D.

Thai food in particular delivers this 3D flavour with ease and hence it is up there as one of the most sought after cuisines on the planet and has sustained its popularity as a takeaway food despite the myriad of other food fads and emerging food trends coming into the market space.

If you are a Thai food fan, then it’s about time you knew the secret of how those favourite dishes are created and it comes down to a few essential categories of  ingredients and some basic cooking techniques.

  1. Sweet, Salty, Spice, Sour- you have to pay attention to the balancing of any sauces which you add to your dish. These flavours come from the 6 top ingredients which I have listed. Fish Sauce, Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Palm Sugar, Chilli Jam and Rice Wine vinegar. You should have these in your pantry if you are going to cook Thai food but make sure you buy quality brands as the saltiness and flavour quality can drastically change your recipe.

Megachef Fish Sauce buy in Bang Phli

  1. Fresh Herbs. You need to have freshness to your dish so Thai food uses herbs such as Thai Basil, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Lemongrass, Mint, Coriander and Pandan.

Health Benefits of Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder

  1. Spice and Aromatics. The background to delicious Thai dishes usually comes from ingredients such as Garlic, Ginger, Galangal, Asian Shallots and Onions, Turmeric, Krachai. Cumin, White pepper and Chilli.

Can You Freeze Galangal? - The Best Way - Foods Guy

  1. The sourness and tang in a dish usually comes from fresh limes and lemons, tamarind and vinegars.

Cooking with Tamarind - The Epicentre

Despite getting so much flavour bang for your buck in Thai cuisine, Thai recipes are actually really simple.

Most dishes will take less than 30 mins to get to the table and yet a lot of us are still mystified or intimidated by the thought of cooking these dishes and falsely believe they won’t taste the same if we make them ourselves.

By next week you could learn to cook 3 of those dishes with ease. Without leaving home!

You can have a ready to hand pantry of the most needed ingredients plus all those hard to find fresh ingredients all in the boot of your car in seconds.  No shopping list to execute or Asian markets to navigate.

  • Private cooking class learning via our You Tube channel.
  • No shopping required. Its all in the bag.
  • Kids and adults alike will love learning these Sticky Rice Class recipes at home.
  • All those hard to find Asian ingredients will instantly be in your pantry.
  • You can cook the recipes at a time to suit you and you will have enough pantry supplies to reuse the recipes again and again.
  • Each cooking class bag contains ingredients for 3 recipes which means 3 family sized meals are covered for the week. Even better, challenge the kids or family members to make one each, Masterchef style!
  • Using our iconic Sticky Rice Cooking School recipes, plus our new on-line cooking class presentations we are supplying and delivering everything you need.

Recipe 1. Pad Thai Noodles.
Recipe 2. Steamed Dumplings and soy chilli dipping sauce.
Recipe 3. Thai Green Curry.

Pre order online and you will receive the twin pack of everything you need to learn,cook,impress,dine and repeat!

If you want to learn more? View our free online cooking classes on our Sticky Rice Cooking School You Tube channel. https://www.youtube.com/StickyRiceCooking………….

We have been the leading cooking school in Adelaide for the last 12 years and with a little free help from us on line, plus our tried and testing recipes, the next 6 months could see you surprising yourself and impressing your friends.

  • Save yourself 100s of dollars on takeaway,
  • Have much more control over the quality and freshness of what you are eating.
  • Eliminate all the unnecessary fat that you are ingesting in takeaway food.
  • Get the kids involved and skill up at home.

Bragging rights will be all yours but we would love to know how you get on and see some pics.

First up in cooking class #1 we will be teaching you to cook Pad Thai, Steamed Dumplings and Green Curry and we have accompanying fresh ingredients/pantry packs and recipes available to pre order and pick up from the Sticky Rice Cooking School if you want to give it a go.

Steamed Dumplings Results from Sticky Rice Cooking School Cooking Class #1 Free for you online
Steamed dumplings Results from Sticky Rice Cooking School Cooking Class #1 Free for you online

Every thing you need to know and pre-order your recipe packs here

In view of COVID-19 we are doing a no contact ( pre-order) drive through pick up. Tell us what time you are coming and pop the boot. We will bring the produce bags out to you.

96 Old Mount Barker Road. Stirling Adelaide Hills.

All our produce is supplied fresh from the market and is chef’s quality.

Call us 8339 1314 if you are stuck and need home delivery.

Private Cooking Class Adelaide

Want exclusivity or a group booking for a time that suits you? Just email us for information on how to book a private session. admin@stickyricecookingschool.com.au

Our Lotus stem salad with prawns from today’s private cooking class, complete with our finest south Australian wines…#tasteofvietnam #privatecookingclasses #doowiedoole #deviationroadwines

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Red Cacao Chocolate Cafe Adelaide Hills

When I was a kid growing up in Scotland there was this tiny little shop in the village called ‘The Chocolate Box’ and my memory of that place is a clear today as it was when I was 5.
Nestled down a cute side street in Stirling is Red Cacao, a place where similar sweet memories are being made today and day after day.

This place is your journey to chocolate discovery and a journey that may never end once you have tasted their salted caramel!

Its a hip, boutique, artisan chocolate shop in the heart of the Adelaide Hills where you can discover the exquisite flavours of high quality chocolate, in particular single origin chocolates. Row upon row of unique and inspiring chocolate bars and truffles line the display counters and the sheer quantity of choice is staggering.

Its a buzzing cafe for coffee lovers, its a haven for cake and dessert lovers and its a Mecca for chocolate lovers. Belgian chocolate drinks are a specialty here served hot or iced, the Aztec Hot Chocolate being a tantalising blend of rich dark chocolate, heart-warming cinnamon and a tickle of chilli.

And chocolate is not reserved for afternoons here. No no no. There are indulgent chocolate breakfast waffles on the menu and every Friday night Red Cacao Dessert Bar comes alive serving up stunning and sensationally plated desserts by candle light.

The dessert menu is a highlight of owner Marcus’s passion, and was the inspiration for our dessert bar classes which he taught on a Tuesday night at Sticky Rice Cooking School

Red Cacao have rarely been out of the media limelight since opening in 2013 and have been awarded a string of accolades including Best Dessert Bar two years running and that’s because there is nothing even close to being as good as what these guys deliver.

Its an absolute must do on your itinerary when visiting the Adelaide Hills and is only 3 mins from Sticky Rice Villas if you are staying with us.

Visit Adelaide Hills Hahndorf Hill Winery Sticky Rice Cooking School Beerenberg FRED Eatery Stanley Bridge Tavern Cocos Hair and Day Spa Bird In Hand Winery The Lane Vineyard Red Cacao Chocolatier Udder Delights Lot 100 – Adelaide Hills Locavore Adelaide Hills

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No photo description available.

Local restaurants to Villas in the Adelaide Hills

The term “locavore” was first coined in 2005 by chef, author and local food activist, Jessica Prentice. The word is used to describe conscious foodies who choose to eat and shop foods that have been grown or farmed locally and haven’t endured long distance transportation to where the food is being sold or prepared, usually within 160km ( 100 miles) of its point of purchase.

By purchasing food that has been produced locally, you’re supporting your local community, helping local farmers and producers to thrive and stay in business.
When you purchase your fruit and vegetables from local growers or farmers markets, you are purchasing produce that is seasonal. Your cooking will be more diverse throughout the year and be more dependent on what produce comes into season.

Enter stage left… Locavore Adelaide Hills , our very own Locavore wine bar and restaurant that does not seem to find this 100 mile radius or conscientious ethos limiting in any way. With this sort of menu you certainly have my attention!

Thai style smoked duck salad with our homemade chilli/ginger dressing.

Fresh Port Lincoln sardines with a citrus and caper salad.

Oyster mushroom & Tofu Laksa w Bok-choy, coriander, fresh chilli.

Barossa free range Berkshire pork belly w Wilted Asian greens, soy & ginger glaze.

House made Lamb & goats curd Ravioli with fresh house made pasta.

Under new managements since 2006 with family duo Rosanne ( front of house) and husband Chef Connor now in the driving seat, you can join them for the best seats in Stirling when the Tour Down Under comes through town. Here’s a hint…book now or be disappointed.

Situated on the main street of Stirling, only 5 mins from Sticky Rice Cooking School,the place has a funky wine bar feel with expansive bifold windows opening the place up to the street and lush green plants hanging from the lofty ceilings. They can take care of your catering needs and also have an indoor mezzanine available for private functions and group bookings.

There is a lot of wine available within a 100 mile radius of Stirling let me tell you, so on the events calendar at Locovore you will find special wine matching dinner dates where they invite Adelaide Hills winemakers to inspire the menu. Think pulled duck with hand rolled gnocchi, a sous vide kangaroo fillet with a quandong and shiraz jus. Yes please.

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Image may contain: plant
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No photo description available.

Competition Time

Need a pre Christmas break? We would love you to come and stay with us in the luxury of our Balinese Villa for 2 nights and enjoy some of the wonderful activities that the Adelaide Hills has to offer.
Did you know that not only do we have 50 cellar doors in the region, we have day spas, bike hire and walking trails, markets, orchards, pick your own cherry and strawberry farms, gourmet food producers and inspiring cooking classes. We have stunning scenery, wildlife parks, a zoo, Mount Lofty Botanical gardens, wetlands, Belair National Park, tennis courts, yoga studios, golf courses, art galleries, museums, guided walking and bike tours, chocolate makers, cheese makers, zip lining and abseiling and even our own fringe festival!
The Sticky Rice Villas are smack bang in the middle of all this, so if you deserve a break, then come and stay with us and start to explore. Our mid week multiple night stay is worth $320 per night and we are giving away a 2 night stay for 2 people. All you have to do is tag a business in the Adelaide Hills that you would like to visit as part of your mini break and share this post. Remember to tag the actual facebook business name so they know you love them.
Winner will be drawn at random and announced on 30th November 2019. Stay dates 9th and 10th December 2019.

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People Reached



Newsletter Nov 21st- Competition Time

Dear Food Lovers,

In this news update we are giving you all a chance to win a luxury escape in the Adelaide Hills and a 2 night stay in our Bali Villa.


We have just announced a brand new Indian Class which will  take you on an exotic culinary journey with Chef Brian Smith who is back in the kitchen for a one off class on February 8th.


Final tickets are on sale for the Soi38 Master Class – Last month Chef Terry Intrarakhamhaeng just won Winner of Best Thai Restaurant at the National Savour Awards for Excellence 2019 and we are giving you the chance to do a hands on cooking class with this guy! 1 class only Sunday 9th Feb.


We have some availability still to run a private class for you leading up to Christmas if you are still thinking of a corporate or family event. We can do this as a demonstration or hands on class or even just cater for you in our private dining room which seats 30. email any enquiries or give us a call 8339 1314 admin@stickyricecookingschool.com.au


Despite the 40 degree heat our degustation Dinner with  Peel Street Chef Jordan Theodoros was such a great night and we thank everyone for coming.

For these events we transform our dining room into an intimate restaurant setting for 30 people and each dish then becomes a cooking demonstration class while you sit back and watch and sip your matching wines. We invited Ben Warren from Som wine merchants to educate us on the best wines to match the food and Jordan’s food once again spoke volumes about his talent.

Our next dinner event is in 3 weeks with Africola Chef Duncan Welgemoed and Hentley Farm wines and we can’t wait to do it all again! Here are some pics of last night.



We have a 2 night break just waiting for you in our Bali Villa and it could be yours for free.
Check back into our Facebook page this Friday 22nd Nov and enter our pre Christmas competition and you could be spending a much needed 2 night break in our very own Bali Villa.
Here are some great ideas for your stay.

Spend the day exploring part of the scenic Heysen trail or hike Mount George both of which are on our doorstop, then come home to the villa and have a long soak in our Balinese tub.

Visit a few of the 50 cellar doors in the region and bring home some cheese and wine to enjoy under the stars in your very own ambient lit Bali Hut.

Take a 15 min drive to the historic township of Hahndorf where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon strolling through the main streets and then picking your own strawberries at Beerenberg Farm. Plan a picnic high tea for the afternoon at the Mount Lofty Botanic gardens 5 mins from the Bali Villa. Pick up a few gourmet foods along the way and come home to enjoy your top of the range kitchen.

Take a short walk to Stirling and have a coffee and chocolate treat at Red Cacao Chocolatier. Bring some home to enjoy while lounging in front of the TV on the enormous Balinese day bed.

Plan lunch with friends at the Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyard or the The Lane Vineyard for stunning vistas and award winning cuisine. Invite your friends back to the Villa for teas, coffee and chat.

Book a private master class for two with us at the cooking school and enjoy having expert tuition from a professional chef all to yourselves. We offer a 3 course lunch class and you chose the menu! Enjoy the matching wines without the need to drive home!

Pamper yourself at Cocos Hair and Day Spa in Stirling or book a private couples massage in the Villa. We can also organise Champagne and chocs or a gourmet platter to accompany this!

Head out for breakfast at FRED Eatery in neighboring Aldgate and on the way back pop into Aptos Cruz Galleries and gIft shop. Hire some bikes for the afternoon and head out to Woodside and meander the easy Amy Gillet Bikeway which takes you through stunning counrtyside scenery. For the braver adventurer go downhill mountain biking through the Mount Lofty ranges with Will Ride tours!

Or for even more ideas, golfing, wildlife, zoos, markets and more head over to our Adventure in the Hills page of our website.
Details will be posted Friday 22nd Nov






Christmas Shopping starts now.

I’m shocked to say that the Christmas shopping period has already begun so just a reminder that we now have instant vouchers on line.

Our new website will email you the voucher in an instant and you can personalise it online.

SNAIL MAIL still exists.

For those who prefer to wrap their gifts then we can still post you our Voucher gift Cards.  Just choose this option when purchasing.


Sticky Rice Cooking School – Electrolux Back to Basic Cooking Masterclass

Electrolux Australia and the Sticky Rice Cooking School at Stirling, in the Adelaide Hills, hosted an exclusive ‘Back to Basics’ Masterclass on Wednesday. It was an incredibly enjoyable day, and interactive cooking class which showcased state of the art Electrolux appliances – like the multifunction steam oven – with some of the best chefs in Australia. Electrolux Ambassadors, Massimo Mele from Sydney’s famous Salt Meets Cheese joined us, as did Stewart Wesson, esteemed Adelaide chef behind Whistle & Flute, and the newly established Port Admiral Hotel. Sharing their insights, and nifty cooking tips, they helped us utilise the Electrolux cookware for a fabulous feast with recipes designed specifically for these appliances.

We started with a dip platter of freshly made deep fried focaccia bread, accompanied by an insanely delicious smashed zucchini dip. This starter, beyond a question of a doubt, will make any dinner party you host an absolute smash hit. Separated into teams of four, we all took turn concocting some fragrant and delicious meals with local produce. The Masterclass featured Thai style Crispy Eggplant, my personal favourite of the day, Mamma Mia’s Pickled Carrots, Steam John Dory with pippies, chorizo, olives and parsley, and of course followed by a dessert of Ernie’s Chocolate Soufflé Cake which was served with peppered strawberries and homemade honeycomb. The class was both informative and fun, enough so that we will be wanting to recreate the recipes at home.

The Sticky Rice Cooking School, which traditionally focuses on Asian cuisines, was the perfect venue for the Masterclass. The serene ambience makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a five-star Balinese resort, but with the benefit of exquisite South Australian produce – so there’s no chance of catching Bali Belly here. The cooking school is open daily, and has released its cooking school class schedule through to 2018. Gift a loved one with a memorable Sticky Rice cooking class this Christmas, it’s sure to go down a treat!

Words by Erin Gear

WHERE: 96 Old Mount Barker Rd, Stirling


Getting Back to Basics with Electrolux at Sticky Rice Cooking School

Sticky Rice Cooking School – 96 Old Mount Barker Road, Stirling SA 5152

Situated in the charming Stirling in the Adelaide Hills, Sticky Rice Cooking School is an award-winning venue specialising in Asian inspired cooking classes such as Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese, and even dabbling in Spanish and Moroccan.

Described by owner Claire Fuller as ‘delivering a wealth of knowledge and fun along the way’, the classes offered at Sticky Rice Cooking School are truly unique and full of character – something that is oddly hard to find at all cooking schools. The whole experience at Sticky Rice Cooking School is educational and inspiring, and it is obvious that real thought, passion and knowledge has been put into crafting each and every moment.

Mamma Maria’s pickled carrots (left) and Thai style crispy eggplant (right)
Photo: Josh Geelen

Each four-hour class concludes with a full banquet style meal in the dedicated dining area of all the dishes students have cooked throughout the class. The dishes are also thoughtfully matched with local Adelaide Hills wines for students to enjoy. Another one of the reasons that Sticky Rice Cooking School is such a thorough and quality experience is due to the use of superior cookware appliances in their classes. The Sticky Rice kitchens are fully fit out with Electrolux appliances, who are global leaders in cooking appliances not only for home, but for professional use too.

On The Chopping Board (OTCB) was recently invited to Sticky Rice Cooking School for the ultimate Back to Basics Cooking Masterclass with Electrolux Ambassadors Massimo Mele from Salt Meats Cheese and Stewart Wesson from Whistle & Flute. All food and drinks were provided on behalf of Sticky Rice Cooking School and Electrolux.

The Back to Basics Cooking Masterclass with Massimo and Stewart consisted of many tips and tricks, specifically focusing on six flavour packed recipes perfect for entertaining this Summer. Our group of keen cooks was divided into smaller groups, each focusing on one or two recipes in order to prepare everything for a sit down lunch.

Amongst the mix were recipes created especially for Electrolux by Massimo and Stewart, including Mamma Maria’s pickled carrots, Thai style crispy eggplant, steamed John Dory with pippies, chorizo, olives and parsley and a chocolate soufflé cake with chocolate coated honeycomb.

Chilli paste we made for the Thai style crispy eggplant salad
Photo: Josh Geelen
The group that I (Taylor) was in were in charge of preparing the Thai style crispy eggplant served with bean sprouts, sesame seeds and copious amounts of fresh coriander. After being lightly coated in a corn and rice flour batter, we deep fried the strips of eggplant until golden in colour and perfectly crunchy. Just before serving, we tossed the eggplant in a home made chilli paste that burst with flavours of garlic, lime and ginger which added a real kick to the dish.
Alongside the eggplant dish we enjoyed Massimo’s recipe for Mamma Maria’s pickled carrots – a refreshing accompaniment to the spicy salad. I found the carrot pickle to be a particularly interesting dish, as the carrots were perfectly steamed before being marinated in a pickling liquid of white vinegar, garlic, oregano and olive oil. To serve, the pickled carrots were topped with tangy goats curd and chopped fresh parsley. This dish was a perfect example of a back to basics recipe that was packed full of flavour, colour and texture, and could easily be achieved with ingredients commonly found in the kitchen at home.
John Dory being barbecued
Photo: Josh Geelen
Steamed John Dory with pippes, chorizo, olives and parsley (right)
Photo: Josh Geelen
The main dish of the day was steamed John Dory with pippies, chorizo, olives and parsley, which was a real crowd pleaser around the table. The flavour combination of this dish was impossible to fault – smokey chorizo, salty green olives and fresh herbaceous parsley all encompassed in a rich, buttery sauce.
The John Dory was cooked in two stages. Firstly, the whole fish was quickly barbecued to introduce a charred flavour (pictured above), before being steamed with all other components of the dish in an Electrolux steam oven. There are many benefits of using a steam oven, as the function enables the original moisture to be retained in food while cooking and helps things to cook more evenly. This is also particularly useful when cooking seafood like whole John Dory, as whole fish can easily dry out or overcook in a conventional oven. The John Dory we enjoyed at lunch was exceptionally well cooked, and had a fresh, clean flavour. I will definitely be trying to re-create this dish at home!
Ernie chocolate soufflé cake with chocolate coated honeycomb
Photo: Josh Geelen
We finished our lunch on a sweet note with another recipe using the Electrolux steam oven – Stewart’s Ernie chocolate soufflé cake with chocolate coated honeycomb. The extra moisture in the steam oven creates the perfect environment for a soufflé cake to bake – resulting in a moist but light cake that was rich in chocolate flavour. Everyone needs a go-to chocolate cake recipe that is simple and fail-proof, but impressive for any occasion at the same time – and this chocolate soufflé cake definitely ticks those boxes!
The Sticky Rice Cooking School dining room
Photo: Josh Geelen
After a fun few hours of cooking Massimo and Stewart’s back to basics recipes that highlighted some of the great benefits of the Electrolux appliances, it was fantastic to sit down and enjoy all of the dishes we created as a group. The large, light filled dining room is definitely one of the aspects that sets Sticky Rice Cooking School apart from other schools in Adelaide. Sticky Rice Cooking School still have some classes available before the end of the year, but are always adding to their exciting schedule – make sure you check out their website to see what’s new! To discover more fantastic recipes from Electrolux Ambassadors, check out their directory here.

Sticky Rice Cooking School

Sticky Rice Cooking School

Nov 6, 2017 | Posted by | Cooking class | 0 comments

Sticky Rice Cooking School
96 Old Mount Barker Rd. Stirling SA 5152
08 8339 1314
Classes 7 days

Sticky Rice Cooking School is an award-winning school offering hands on cooking experience of cuisines from all around the world lead by some of Australia’s finest chefs. The cultural experience delivers a wealth of knowledge and fun along the way.

The kitchen is custom designed with the latest cooking facilities while the school itself is furnished with unique furniture in honour of the different countries and cultures of which the dishes originated from.

Electrolux ambassadors Massimo Mele of Sydney’s Salt Meats Cheese and Adelaide’s own Stewart Wesson of The Flinders Street Project, Whistle and Flute and the soon to be revamped Port Admiral Hotel, hosted the cooking class with some handpicked back to basics recipes, providing hints and tips to take home.

Sticky Rice Cooking School

Steamed john dory with pippies, chorizo, olives and parsley.

After an afternoon of learning and cooking, the class attendees dined on the delicious food and enjoyed some of South Australia’s finest wine where Miss L was able to have exclusive interview access with renowned Adelaide chef Stewart Wesson where he looked at the South Australian food scene and how it was evolving.

Where do you see the South Australian food scene and how has it evolved?
The South Australian food scene is flourishing. Adelaide, as a city is so accessible and it makes it easy for people to want to have a go at opening new food venues.

What sets South Australia apart from Melbourne which is known as the food capital of Australia and Sydney which is fast catching up?
It is the quality of ingredients and the proximity of those ingredients. It is only a twenty minute drive to the hills where you can get amazing produce and wines. Further to this, you have the Barossa and an hour in the opposite direction you are by the beach in the McLaren Vale.

What does South Australia have that other states don’t?
South Australia has the food community down better than other states. We have such great producers, winemakers and chefs who are all willing to go above and beyond to help each other out. This makes for a really nice tight knit community which he really loves.

What do you foresee as the next big food trend?
Stewart isn’t really keen on food trends as they come and go too easy. He believes in good quality food and alcohol. Do that right, and the people will come.

What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to start their own food venture?
The key for Stewart was partnering with the right people, for him each partnership is so important, everyone should have their role.

What is it about your new venture at the Port Admiral Hotel that will set it apart from other pubs?
The quality of food is what will set The Port Admiral Hotel apart from other great pubs. He says there are some great pubs around, however, their key advantage is being close to the water so all their seafood will be freshly caught. There will be no frozen fish and no imported produce.

Sticky Rice Cooking School

Ernie chocolate souffle cake with marscarpone, macerated strawberries and honeycomb.

Upon finishing the day, Stewart was happy to share his Ernie chocolate souffle cake recipe, one of his favourite desserts with My Name is Miss L readers here.

Sticky Rice Cooking School holds classes all year round with several cuisines to choose from. They also offer overnight accommodation with 3 different villas and various activities in the area, including 50 cellar doors in the Adelaide Hills wine region.

Miss L